Scaling the decarbonization of our built environment.


We’re on a mission to scale climate action in the built environment by bringing actionable carbon data to every design and real estate professional on the planet. No more spreadsheets or incomplete calculations. Our model helps teams determine which measures are most impactful and which are not, ensuring that scarce resources can support the best strategies. We’re working towards a future where every project team working on every building has the tools to reduce emissions and contribute to a healthy and equitable built environment.


Born from practice.

C.Scale team collaborating

C.scale is an outgrowth of the culture of innovation at EHDD, an architecture firm with offices in San Francisco and Seattle.

The data models at the core of C.Scale have their origin in the academic work of Jack Rusk at the Yale School of the Environment, where he was wrestling with how to streamline life cycle assessment for building sector practitioners. EHDD partner Brad Jacobson, FAIA, saw the need to evolve from considering only energy use to a more holistic perspective. Through this collaboration, the whole life carbon approach of C.Scale was born.

C.Scale’s growing team of data engineers, building scientists, and subject matter experts are committed to leveraging our ML-driven models to support climate action at speed and scale.


Maintained by architects and data scientists.

Brad Jacobson headshot

Brad Jacobson

Principal and Partner at EHDD
AIA Fellow

Jack Rusk headshot

Jack Rusk

Director of Climate Strategy at EHDD

Lalyn Yu headshot

Lalyn Yu

Belonging and Impact Research Specialist at EHDD

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